10: The Benefits of Being a Saint

SERIES: The Troubled & Triumphant Church (1 Corinthians)

The Bible uses are many metaphors to describe the relationship between the child of God and our Heavenly Father. Believers are called sheep in God’s fold, members of the body of Christ, and the Bride of Christ with Jesus as the Bride Groom. For the Apostle Paul, his favorite term for Christians was the word Saint!

Benefits of Being a Saint

In fact, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Paul uses this term over 60 times to refer to ordinary people who have repented of their sin and been brought into the family of God. You are a saint, not because of who you are, but, because of who Jesus is. You are a saint, not because of what you have done, but because of what Jesus has done! To be a saint comes with many blessings and benefits.

Listen in and learn of the benefits of being a saint! These benefits were given in the past, are experienced in the present, and will continue into the future. For example, you have been given grace as a benefit of grace. Grace must provide for the elimination of guilt. Grace eliminates guilt!

Listen to the Benefits of Being a Saint: