09: Called to Be Saints

SERIES: The Troubled & Triumphant Church (1 Corinthians)

The Church is trouble today. The evidence is all around us. Very few churches are growing. In fact, the vast majority of the Churches are plateaued and declining. Sin is rampant without and within. At one time, the Church was the center or the hub of the family. Now, we see many Christians have even divorced themselves from the Church all together. Others only participate when it is convenient and nothing else is on the calendar.  This is unfortunate. God knows nothing of a Churchless Christianity.

Yet, the Church is triumphant as well. Souls are still being saved. Lives are still being changed. The Kingdom of God is still advancing. What we see and often describe as broken, God calls His Bride of Christ.  The Church is Plan A and there is no Plan B. Jesus said, “I will build my Church…” So we can rest assured He will do so. Even more so, rather than doing it in spite of us, He does so through us! He lives in us, works on us, and loves others through us. We may seem like merely sinners. But, God calls us, Saints! Listen to this message introducing our study on the Book of 1 Corinthians. The series is “The Troubled and Triumphant Church” and the message is “Called to Be Saints.” I hope you enjoy the message.